‘People’ will likely be at
the heart of your business.

Quite simply we genuinely believe in the old adage that business is all about people – and that people definitely buy people in a mutual way. As you will see from our example Projects, since starting out in early 2017 Assetiam has added value to a range of organisations, from start-ups to a significant Tier 1 company.

How we can help you

We have vast experience in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) sector, however our transferable skills and principles will add value across other industry sectors. As a client of ours you will most likely be seeking one or more of the following services:


Market analysis

Strategic business planning

Tactical operational development


Business transformation

Coaching / Mentoring / Team building

Employee engagement incl. surveys


Work winning (BD, Bidding support)

Marketing / Communications

CX – Customer Service Excellence

“Andy and his associates are a pleasure to work with, he treats his clients, their business plans and people like his own, needing to see genuine improvement outcomes realised before he considers his job is done”

Simon Ellison, Sector Director, Costain

Our Values

We have developed these values using our experience of which pillars truly create a successful business, these are our Top 3.

In short our ethos is make sure the first two ‘Ps’; People and Passion are very well developed and aligned, as the third…’Profit’, will then be the result along with other bi-products of getting this equation right.

Lastly, remember Profit is not a dirty word; we all need it in order to be sustainable and your customers need you to be sustainable, hence why it is one of our Values.


Make all the ‘people’ passionate about you, your business or organisation, why you exist and what you can deliver to them.


We define this as your employees, partners, clients, supply chain and any other stakeholders.


Really we mean sustainable profit, this is ultimately what every business owner, shareholder, stakeholders and employee needs plus what the ‘right’ clients should want for your business.